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An interesting column in today’s Star written by one of the attendees at this year’s 2007 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100

She comments pithily about how the event would likely have been more impressively catered had it been celebrating the 100 most powerful men in business and how those men would’ve likely brought spouses -but there were few men in attendance prompting the questions:

“Why must it be mainly women who honour women? Where are their (male) partners? Or is it not possible to be married to a guy and be a CEO?”

However, as the women were rolling their eyes at the ‘celebration’ of their achievments (which I’m sure are quite impressive despite the fact that these women can’t seem to give themselves props let alone accept it from others), one speaker broached the subject of how banks discriminate against lending to female entrepreneurs and in a room containing powerful women CEOs this was a ballsy thing to do.  She suggested that 30% of government contracts should be allocated to women and minorities -give them the money and it’s amazing what they’d be able to do.

 So the author gets to thinking:

“If all the time, money and energy invested on these awards were instead channelled into getting these powerful women to collectively push for what we really need – decent, even on-site, daycare and lines of credit that don’t require hubby’s signature – maybe many more women would be winners.

In a way I can see why the columnist thinks that, it sounded like a lame party, but women are notorious for not giving themselves enough credit or respect for their accomplishments let alone getting it from the rest of the corporate world.  If more people were aware that powerful women are around they might get more resources in the business world.  Anyhow, just found this interesting as there is always discussion about the glass ceiling, here is the link to the WXN -Women’s Executive Network.

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