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Post-meetup: IWD Brainstorming

Hrm, let’s blame that one on the weather, shall we?  The meeting last night to plan for International Women’s Day was attended by all of two of us, and plan that took shape as we talked it out is very loose.  We’ll get together again in a few weeks, bring whatever you can contribute to making signs (brushes, bristol board, an old sheet for a banner, tape, etc.), and everyone will paint a sign that says whatever they want it to.  The best choice for a group like ours right now is just to play it loose.  We’re a group of friends (though we may not have met each other yet!) and we’re going to an event together.

We talked about the theme of IWD this year, “The Raising of Women is the Raising of us All,”  and what kinds of slogans might go on our signs that reflect (or don’t reflect) that.  It’s funny how you have to think about details like keeping it brief, because it’s hard to paint a long sentence;P  We’re scoping out a place that can accommodate painting craziness for that next step, so if you have any connections or suggestions, speak up!


Written by torontofeminists

January 31, 2008 at 9:54 pm

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