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Thank goodness it’s a leap year.  Although I never explicitly stated that this blog should have a minimum number of posts per month, when I signed us up as a member of the BlogHer community they do require that your blog is ‘active‘ meaning there are a minimum of 3 posts a month.  So here I am, with what might seem like a desperate attempt to pad the blog.  However, while the content here may not be earth shattering, I thought it might be appropriate to summarize a few things that went on in February and what is coming up in March, especially since IWD is nearly upon us.

Our events had minimal attendance (Persepolis, Essay/Russian Play, Chatterbox on gender specific events and places and a prep for IWD) but one of our constant queries is “where are all the feminists?” and “how can we get people to come out to events?”  We’d like to learn more about how to get more than 3 people in out group listing 74 members to go to events and give feedback on what they’d like us to do more of. 

 Ramping up for the big rally/march on IWD, we have a few events posted next week that would be great warm-ups!  The V-Day benefit concert at the Pheonix Concert Theatre has lowered the ticket price to $10 and Eve Ensler will be there (Monday March 3). 


The Guerrilla Girls will be in Toronto for their first university lecture here, March 6.  Tickets are free to anyone interested, you don’t have to be a student!  

 So we’re planning, plotting and stewing about how to up our numbers, get more interest, see new faces and really get this community going!  If you’re passing by this blog and in the Toronto area, check out our group on



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February 29, 2008 at 9:06 pm

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  1. It’s definitely prime time for feministical things, with the V-day and the IWD. I’d say if you were like me, and you only had, like, a season you could devote to some interests, just ’cause there are so many fun ones, this would be the season for getting involved in women’s rights:)


    February 29, 2008 at 10:18 pm

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