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One post about SATC and that’s it, I swear…

I haven’t seen the movie yet, I will because I did enjoy the show but I was prepared for the usual criticism of the film version and have pretty much ignored most of it.  Hey, the show was flawed, no one pretended life was really like that and it was just an enjoyable 45 minutes of television that occasionally had great moments of insight and some damn funny writing.  One of my favorite clips has the women discussing crying in the workplace and how they’re labelled as ’emotionally hysterical’ whereas men who get fired up over a situation are passionate or ‘pistols’ (if you want to see it, go here but it takes a while until they’re at the table discussing it).

So this article on “sexism in the city” pleased me because the criticism of the film has been attacking the viewers as stupid, vain women and if you enjoy it you’re just a vapid cow who deserves to be single… I’m sure there are ridiculously air headed moments in the film, as there were on the tv show and as there are in real life.  It’s a comedy remember?  And I’m soooo glad the author brought up a possible male equivalent in James Bond.   But after this crap last year, where studio execs were claiming they were going to stop making movies featuring female leads because they didn’t make money… well, here’s a movie that is as female-driven as they can get -and they broke the damn bank.  So I’m just relieved that these numbers will give a giant middle finger to the studio execs who tried blaming their decreasing revenues on women instead of on their shitty films. 





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June 6, 2008 at 4:47 pm

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