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Post-meetup: In the Beginning

Last night we had a discussion event at Tequila Bookworm where Kenneth gave us the lowdown on a course that he audited called “All About Eve” and we talked about the first bit of Genesis. One of the new faces who we got to know was Charles, and the report on the goings-on is courtesy of him:

Genesis: In the beginning…

There was drinks and musical chairs, but once we got seated (sorry if I don’t remember anyone’s names!) we began discussing the various Judeo-Christian versions of the Bible, looking primarily at different readings/interpretations of Eve, the snake, the fruit, Adam’s rib, Lilith, and how the early version of Christianity where God was Androgynous and had both female and male sides (somewhat like Shiva and Shakti, with the combined form being Ardhanari [although these names didn’t come up in the actual discussion, I am only adding them now]).

We also did a fair bit of comparative literature, such as the Korean myth of Ungnyeo (a bear who becomes a woman after living in a cave and eating bugs and garlic and later weds a god and produces the Korean race as her offspring), the Lilith myth both in Christianity and in Sumerian mythology (Lilith also appears in Greek myths and in over 200 different legends from Europe to Indonesia), and comparisons to Greek and Norse mythology.

At various points in the conversation we drew comparisons to more contemporary issues, like motherhood, childhood and abortion.

I personally feel we could organize another meetup on this discussion again, as we barely hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of the wide plethora of creation myths available.

ie. Here’s a website that includes quite a few Native creation myths for comparison purposes. You’ll notice that many of them also combine the Genesis flood and the creation of mankind in the same myth.

One of the more interesting ones for feminists is Girl-Without-Parents:


Some of us had to leave early so will have missed some of the discussions mentioned above, but when the last of us finally got up to leave we discussed the possibility of the next meetup being about Feminist Art. Since not all of us are knowledgeable on the topic here is some links to help get you started.


Charles Moffat


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