Toronto Feminists

Toujours Rebelles 2008

Wow.  A Pan-Canadian feminist conference.  And we outstripped the attendance expectations by, what, like 50%?

We’re a force!  Who knew???

I mean really, walking around the neighbourhood and bumping into all these little moments of activism – drum squads and gumboot dancers, challenges for people to take, placards and banners, signs plastered all over a strip club, tags on magazines in stores pointing out their unrealistic body images, replacement washroom signs that asked whether the men’s had baby change tables, radical cheers (big fave.  big.), food for thought tacked under windshield wipers – it really felt like we ARE a force.

Waves of Resistance – that was the English title of the conference.  These waves are totally gonna keep coming.  National days of action on March 8, Dec 6; a manifesto to spread the word; workshops to take back to our hometowns:  there are some plans in the works:D

It really made me distinguish between the activism I do (I’m writing a blog post, I go to discussion groups, I pass around my copy of ‘Cunt’) and ‘capital-A’ Activism (rallies, marches, cheers).  Both are crucial, and my taste is usually for the former, but I’m really excited about Activism right now, having just been steeped in ‘It’s so easy! Do it yourself!’ taking-it-to-the-streets for 3 days.

So jump on board, everybody!  Ride the Peace (and Anti-Oppression) Train!!



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October 16, 2008 at 10:58 pm

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  1. what a great event and I’m looking forward to seeing some more capital-A Activism emerging! I just realized, I have the cunt book! I will remember to return it to you next time I see you so it can be passed along to the next person 🙂


    October 17, 2008 at 8:12 pm

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