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Post-meetup: Intoductory discussion workshop on feminism

Last night, we got together to play out a workshop designed and distributed by the people who brought you “Waves of Resistance” (see previous post).  It was meant for girls with little or no experience or even interest in feminism and the great company that we had all were quite a bit more knowledgeable and engaged in feminism than it was really designed for.  That was SO not holding us back though.  It inspired us to build on the material, think critically about it, make it apply at the level we operate on and reimagine how it could be written.

Let’s say that we weren’t treading new ground but we were working important ideas that need to be exercised regularly.  We talked a lot about ‘living it’ – being feminist as part of how you are, how you think/dress/walk, that our life choices are shaped to agree with our feminism.  I don’t think one has a revelatory moment and just STARTS living it, nor are there wonderfeminists who are born that way.  You have to take these ideas and start repeating them.  Try them on for size.  Adjust them to fit.  Engage in discussions where you have to defend the ideas.  Enter the fray and speak up.  Every time you use an idea, it becomes more a part of you. 

So what if our discussions aren’t always groundbreaking?  I like to think that they were an important exercise that makes our feminism a little stronger.



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November 17, 2008 at 3:15 pm

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