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Post-meetup: Female Chauvinist Pigs

So, yesterday, we had a rollicking discussion of the book “Female Chauvinist Pigs:  Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture”  by Ariel Levy.  Controversial?  Yup.  In the neatest way.  We had lots of differences of opinion among us but fleshed them out pretty pigharmoniously. 

One of the interesting topics debated was about the naturalness of sexuality.  Levy talks about a lot of women and girls who aren’t expressing and fulfilling their own sexual desires;  rather they’re playing out a stereotypical ‘male script.’  At one point (and I wish I hadn’t returned the book to the library so I could get this right), she suggests something to the effect that we don’t need to learn our desires, we just need to unlearn the scripts that make us deny them. 

So, here’s the sticky bit:  some of us think that we fundamentally require help to learn about getting ourselves off and some agree with Levy.  Consider stores like Good For Her and Come As You Are who offer workshops on a variety of sexuality-related topics.  In the best of all possible worlds, would we see more of this type of community dialogue toward defining and refining our desires?  Or is it a sad comment and a social affliction that we need these resources to access our sexuality?   I thought the latter was a really interesting perspective that I hadn’t considered.  I’m pretty sure I still favour the former.  Anyway, if you’ve got anything to add, it would be great to hear. 

Thanks again, everybody.  It was a great time!



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July 21, 2009 at 1:08 am

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