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Take Action: Loblaws Sells Playboy Brand in Cosmetics Section

Hi lovely Feminists,
I wrote a short email to Loblaws regarding their support of the Playboy brand in their cosmetics section.
Below is the “too bad for girls because it sells” response.  My comments are at the very bottom.
Feel free to take action by contacting Loblaws or the consumer relations person below.
– Daniela

— On Fri, 1/15/10, Marc Groulx <> wrote:

From: Marc Groulx <>
Subject: consumer inquiry
To: daniela
Date: Friday, January 15, 2010, 9:59 AM

Dear  Daniela,
Thank you for contacting us regarding our Play Boy fragrance collection in Loblaws.  While we sincerely regret the concern you expressed, we are always pleased to hear from our consumers and we value your comments.
By taking into account all the comments we receive, we are better able to serve the public.  Our merchandising always strives for unique, artistic images and many of them have been critically acclaimed around the world.  However, as with any creative endeavor involving individual interpretations, we recognize that some people may view them differently.  We respect every person’s sensitivities and perspectives, and we assure you that none of our merchandise is intended to be exploitative or demeaning.
We greatly appreciate you taking the time to make your very real concerns known to us.  We will most certainly share them with the appropriate departments, as they develop future creative images and formats for Coty collections.

Marc Groulx
Consumer Relations

Customer Comments
How in the world can Loblaws, Canada’s (best) grocery chain for parents, children, and the rest of us be selling Playboy items in the cosmetics section? Why would a family grocer chain like Loblaws even consider selling Playboy products in any of their stores?
Does Loblaws wish to encourage young girls and women to view their objectified bodies as pieces of meat to be consumed?
Girls and women are objectified left right and centre, so in comes a grocery chain to add in the eating disorder tax dollars by our Canadian psychiatrists & social workers?
If Loblaws wishes to be hip and cool, then go sell this dehumanizing brand along with other garbage.
Being Canada’s best grocery chain, I do NOT want to put up with seeing people of my sex being degraded like body parts rather than valued for their very souls. 

F: (514) 421-9848


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January 17, 2010 at 2:41 am

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