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Blast from the Past

Remember that scene in the (original) Stepford Wives where Katharine Ross and her buddy get together all the neighbourhood wives to incite a little discontent with cookie-baking and baby-making?  Love it.  Love it!

The Chicago Women’s Liberation Union has posted a 1971 guide to starting your own Consciousness-raising group.  Darn it, I just wanna jump right in and do it!

Well, I mean that’s kinda what I envision our meetup as anyway but there are little differences that are intriguing that I’m curious about pursuing.  Like the fact that it’s so personal.  That’s what drives us to actually pursue feminism – the personal experiences that tell us something’s up – and the sharing and support aspect really draws from a women’s tradition that gives colour and character and strength to what we’re doing.  On the flip side, the meetup is limited in generating the intimacy of this kind of gathering promoted.  There’s a good chance you won’t wanna dredge up your issues in Tequila Bookworm or any other public place, and the composition of the group is a little core and then a satellite of new people so you have to consider your comfort and security with sharing personal stuff with people you really don’t know.

I think a lot of women would say “Well, that’s what I talk with my girlfriends for.”  But I think there’s a big difference in the way you’d process this stuff in a consciousness-raising group where there really is the aim of analyzing it to politicize yourself.

It would be interesting to hear from someone who participates in a modern-day equivalent, and gang take a look at the suggested questions in that link:  delightfully dated.  I’d like to hear how you’d update them.  Give it a go!



Written by torontofeminists

May 25, 2008 at 2:14 pm