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Post-meetup: Femblogs vol. 1

So, a meetup is partly about the content, or the subject we go to dig into, and then again, it’s partly about the people that turn out, and how you get along, and awesome conversations and experiences and stuff. Going into this event, I was wondering what everybody’d have to say on the subject, whether Nichole and I would be sort of pushing this idea of blogging on people who really needed to be sold on it. Which I guess, isn’t all that sensible now that I think about it. If you’re going to the bother to attend an event, you probably have a certain amount of curiosity and drive. Anyhow, it was really interesting how, the ‘blog tutorial’ that we were there for got cushioned with heaps of our own general interest in feminism and stuff, and relating on on these things we have in common.

The business that we covered was twofold, talking through our ideas about how we use the internet for finding/disseminating the feminist goods, and talking specifically about using this blog. Nichole basically walked us through creating a post, on her laptop. It was the kind of hands-on learning that’s irreplaceable – especially given our starting place – predominantly 30somethings, not really as natural at techy stuff as those darn kids. The demo totally let us generate questions that arose naturally out of curiosity about ‘What happens if…’ and ‘What if i wanted to…’.

We also just revelled in a feminism free-for-all while we were at it, and it kind of reinforced the fact that we’ll all have things we passionately want to express about our development as politically aware women. Obviously we’ve got tons of source material within ourselves, and lots to engage each other with. It was like we were just having so much fun digging into these topics, and I know that’ll spill over onto our blog, which I really look forward to. That expression, and having a forum for it, is really empowering. Not to mention, the strength and independence that grows every time we cut another notch on our skill belt (like the women learning to type in ‘Age of Arousal’!)

I should add that, initially, I wasn’t sure why we were calling this vol. 1. Now, I think there might be good cause to revisit this in a few months. We’re newbs. We’ll want to talk about how it’s going and share our experiences by then, I bet. If there are more people who want to jump in as new contributors after we’ve been working on it a few months, they’ll probably benefit from the same kind of walk-through. Maybe someone who was a learner this time can be the teacher next time;) It doesn’t necessarily have to fall to Nichole – who did a very awesome job and thanks, N, by the way.



Written by torontofeminists

December 1, 2007 at 5:30 am