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Pussy Magnet? (Moxie’s advertisements)

If a guy goes to Moxie’s, he is SO going to get laid!  Not only that, but by a hot blonde with an unrealistic body composed of breasts that are too large for her skinny body.

If a woman goes to Moxie’s, she will be unable to control her sexual urges and will be mysteriously magnetized to the men in there; it’s not like she’d be able to eat the food anyways, since she’s too thin and has an unhealthy body image.

If a guy goes to eat at Moxie’s, he’s a trendy stud.

If a guy has dinner at Moxie’s, he’s going to sit at his booth while a woman reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe stands in front of him with her skirt being blown up by his fan.

Dear Moxie’s Representative,

I, along with many other women and men who think, am appalled at your sexist advertising within the Toronto Transit Commission subway.   Your message to men is clear:  women are inferior to men, they are only sex objects that are to be used. 

Your ridiculous ads are telling us Torontonian women that we, 52% of the population, have the primary purpose to be sexually available and submissive to men, and consequently, we deserve to be dominated by men.

I and many other women AND men are sick of seeing fake-breasted, under-nourished, fake tanned, fake hair-coloured women being plastered all over media ads and sold to us as desirable. What does any of this have to do with the actual food that you serve?

Do you realize that your target market includes young women and men who are susceptible to media suggestion about body image and behaviour ?  I am publishing this letter on other websites / to other organizations to help get the word out. Wake up!  If integrity doesn’t matter to you, then maybe a dent in your bottom line does. We don’t want to see sexist and exploitative ads anymore. Where have you been?

Haven’t you noticed that we’re in a new age and consumers are savvier and will not be influenced by your discriminatory ads?  If anything, you will convince people to do exactly the opposite of what you had intended. Don’t you realize the huge responsibility you have to young people not to propagate these tired, worn out images? Do you really want to alienate half of your market (females) and maybe even more (intelligent males)?


Anyone can just use women as sex objects for their ads – it doesn’t take any thought – did you spend a lot on the “minds” who produced them?  It takes creativity to come up with effective and memorable ads.  Why not try to sell your brand based on its merits and sending messages that are relevant for the mosaic that is Toronto?  

Why settle for a target market of just young men who are white?

Of course, I am also troubled that the TTC – public transit for families as well as people who are just trying to get to and from work – is allowing its advertising space to be used in this prejudicial fashion.

On behalf of the one in four women who are raped before the age of 18, I as a consumer, am boycotting the Moxie’s brand of restaurants.  As a young professional woman with money in my pocket, I assure you that, the next time my friends want to go out for dinner somewhere, and we’re all trying to come up with ideas, it will not be Moxie’s.


Thank you for your time.


Written by erishkigal

July 17, 2008 at 9:30 pm

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